Monday, 9 May 2011

Two weeks and a foot and half..

I just returned from my weight and measurement appointment for my Bootcamp transformation contest....I was so nervous that I would have any success. I'm about a foot and half in the door on the nutrition part and good on the exercise. 

I haven't had any wine in two weeks...but I did have two beers...shhh don't tell! Plus it was Mother's day yesterday so hello enough said there. I'm trying to shake my life's to short not to enjoy_____( fill in the blank) I seem to justify anything these days! I'm trying to adopt the attitude life will be shorter if you don't get control of this weight.

So after two weeks I'm down 5 pounds and 1% of body fat. Lost half inch in hips, 1.5 inches in waist, over an inch on my thigh, half inch on arms, and 3/4 inch on chest!!

Okay I think that is success and might be enough for me to jump in with two feet and be 100% committed!! 

Off to workout and burn some calories....I hope I can ride this high and stay motivated!