Monday, 22 August 2011

Every class there is a Boot Camper of the's never me! Sure I want it, I give it my all but I workout with some animals real die hards! On Saturday it happened I was Boot Camper of the class everyone clapped and cheered for was a great moment. Did I deserved it probably not felt like I was working out with the best of the worst....but hey it was my Mary Catherine Gallagher moment! Yes Superstar!!

or my Sally O'Malley moment :
Yes I'm 45 and I can Kick and Stretch......

My daughter was impressed.....she always is!!

Friday, 19 August 2011

My bumpy road to success....

I haven't posted on this blog in a long while...It's been a bumpy road this journey of mine. Some days I start out right and do really good and somewhere along the way I hit a bump or a detour. I feel defeated, a failure, frustrated and most of all fat! Everyday I start again and hopefully one day it will not be a challenge and I will see success and smile at how far I have come.

Today I'm in pain from head to toe. Yesterday was a tough bootcamp class, the whole idea is to shake up your body, keep it guessing! My body is pissed and in pain...hopefully it will respond and get stronger.
We did boxing in part of our class omg I loved it....I actually said to the trainer wow that was fun....I've never said those words while exercising!

Here is what our class looked like....the newest form of torture is working out with sand bags (the black duffles) oh was tough.

  This picture is the best of the worst forms of torture exercise! It's part of the journey, the easy part for me...the hard part is in my kitchen and the choices I make.

I guess I want to say I'm still here, still working on it and still on the journey.