Monday, 22 August 2011

Every class there is a Boot Camper of the's never me! Sure I want it, I give it my all but I workout with some animals real die hards! On Saturday it happened I was Boot Camper of the class everyone clapped and cheered for was a great moment. Did I deserved it probably not felt like I was working out with the best of the worst....but hey it was my Mary Catherine Gallagher moment! Yes Superstar!!

or my Sally O'Malley moment :
Yes I'm 45 and I can Kick and Stretch......

My daughter was impressed.....she always is!!


  1. Kathy, this is wonderful news and a great way to start off the week! Congrats on the Boot Camper of the class!! Yahoo.... Did you get a gold boot? Keep it up my friend. xo

  2. Hi Kathy, visiting from Home Cooking with Sonya. You are an inspiration and cracked my junk up at the same time! LOVE me some Mary Cathrine Gallagher.... good stuff! Sounds like you are kicking some butt SUPERSTAR! :)

  3. Superstar!? Gotta love your enthusiasm :).

  4. Wondering if you are still doing this class? I am in need of a boot camp and some new boots too.

  5. Hey well done! I could use boot camp

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