Sunday, 20 February 2011

Boot Camp Buddy

On Saturday morning I brought my hubby to Boot Camp for bring a buddy day! I'm happy to report my hubby that works out all the time and is in decent shape got his butt kicked! I was so happy he came and took the class with me. Sometimes it's hard to explain to people what the class is about and how hard it is. Especially when I feel like they look at me and don't see results like on the Biggest Loser! I'm trying to keep in my mind that I didn't put this weight on over night so it's not coming off over night!

I think we are all motivated by quick success and when you don't have it, it's hard to stay motivated! I'm heading on vacation tomorrow to SLC, Utah the land of awesome Mexican Food and cupcake bakeries and basically all my favorite foods. But I'm also packing my workout clothes, my Dad has a treadmill and I plan on starting my days on that. My vacation goal is no weight gain!

When we get back I'm hitting the diet hard and stepping up the exercise....Spring Break is around the corner and I'd like to go somewhere warm and possibly put on a swim suit!


  1. great pic of Hubby! boot camp is truly a boot camp!! you'll do great on vaca and hopefully will inspire you to keep at it girl!! so proud of you! wish i could get my butt kicked at boot camp! (can't find one here that meets when i can go...maybe in the spring..)
    have a wonderful time in SLC!

  2. How about a swimsuit in SLC! NO?...well then maybe that sounds better. Thanks for commenting on my blog recently. Now kick some butt out there and manage some CUPCAKES!

  3. I need to go get my butt kicked....back in work-out mode here.
    Have a nice trip and good luck with staying active and enjoying a few hard earned treats.