Wednesday, 9 March 2011

This is my horrible before picture from my first day at Boot Camp. My eyes are closed it's lovely I think I was thinking omg....please make this be over! That first day was many months ago...I thought I'd do a three month picture, I should have taken on a few weeks ago. But  I think in my mind it won't look any different and than I will be frustrated. Progress has been slow for me, I feel stronger see some toning but I want more.

Today is the first day of Lent. I'm not the most devote of Catholics, but I do participate in Lent. I'm hoping to use this time to really reflect  and live a simpler life. In turn I hope my spirit will be renewed and maybe this pepto bismo pink shirt will look better on me!

It's forty days I want to really try to stick to this .....and see if I can see the benefits and feel the benefits!
I hope to post a picture at the end of my forty....I stronger leaner more confident boot camper!


  1. Kathy, you look beautiful. It could be, because I see beyond the pink t-shirt and all that you see, I see the beauty within. I haven't met you in person, but feel I know you already. I know enough if we lived near one another we would be in big trouble! Remember the world was not created in one day. BIG hugs for all that you have accomplished already and will. xo

  2. i agree with Joyce! awareness is a big part of the journey! keep at it and you will see results! most importantly, love yourself at every step of the way! beauty comes from within....
    you go girl!!
    i just remembered a quote (not sure who said it)'after 50 you can either have a nice ass or a nice face'

  3. hang in there, you are giving yourself a gift. at the end of the 40 days, what you sacrificed and fought for will be shown and what you gain will be something me. I think we start out on the journey and what and where we end up surprises us.
    hope you will journal each step, even the hard parts.

  4. Brave you to post a picture that you do not like. Cameras add weight. I know you are thinner, and by now even more so. You keep going. You will never regret losing the weight, but you will regret stopping.

    I eat extremely healthy. (I do not deprive myself of a treat here and there, but over all I eat very healthy.) One of my tricks may sound not so nice, but it has helped me immensely. I look at people's cart's at the register. Most often healthy looking people are buying healthy foods. Those who are carrying a lot of extra pounds often are buying lots of junk. I tell myself eat like that and you won't be healthy, eat like that and you are doing your best to take care of yourself. Of course, health isn't about weight only. But being healthy is helped by what's in the cart. I dunno. It helps me when I am tempted.

  5. Kathy I know you will do it! I can see how determined you are! I agree with Patricia, or give yourself a special something every goal you reach...a manicure, a new hair cut, something inexpensive but cheering!

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