Monday, 3 January 2011

Day one

Day one of the official new healthier me! I don't know why but I feel like you should always start a diet on a Monday! Not looking at this as a diet but a healthier option, lets be real it's a diet! Last night I chugged enjoyed my last glass of wine. I think I will try no alcohol Monday - Friday and one glass on Saturday and Sunday, who knows maybe I can slowly cut out a day and finally have zero!
This was my breakfast today:
One whole egg, little FF milk, tablespoon of Salsa and small amount of mozzarella cheese on a whole wheat tortilla. I feel pretty satisfied. Eating 6 mini meals a day is going to be different. We got our new treadmill yesterday so I'm excited to get downstairs and give it a spin this morning. Hoping to do minimum 40 minutes but if Kelly and Regis is good today my make it one hour! woot woot!

Here's hoping soon my scale won't say this :
(image from Flickr)

Making it a great day with good choices and positive attitude, let the Journey begin!


  1. looks like you are off to a great start! (love the scale pic!)
    be easy on yourself, practice positive self talk...push out the negative are worth it! to be the healthy, happy, beautiful women you are!!

  2. good luck! have a great year!

  3. Wine is not a bad coach told me two words...."earn it" - so if we work for something, we can earn it. Does that make sense....
    So that one glass will be well earned for you :)

  4. Ha ha! Regis and Kelly is a HUGE factor in determining how long I stay on a treadmill too!

    {kindred spirits}