Saturday, 29 January 2011


I wore a pair of my size 14 skinny jeans.....they have been the test know the one you try on and swear like a sailor because you look horrible and how did this happen @#&! Then you throw them back in the closet, slam the door and search for chocolate!! I have been working out hard I really have...I've struggled on the food part but made lots of changes and good choices. That should totally count for something right...right ! So I have totes and totes in my basement of Size 8,10,12,14 and currently wearing a 16! I'm not happy about it or plan to stay in that size I don't own a lot of pants,  maybe 5! 2 jeans, one cargo, one cord and a dress pant. Why invest a lot when I have totes and totes of sizes to pick from. The problem is I've been in a 16 for a long while now .....more than 6 months. 

So yesterday I played in the snow with Sophie soaking wet wearing my current favorite cargo.....Had 15 minutes before dinner date with in closet @#&! should have done laundry nothing to wear.....So I grab the Skinny Jean hiding in the corner...put them on and zip them up .........! They zipped , I could kick, I could bend, I could stretch! It was a go......I probably should of thrown on a pair of Spanx to seal the deal but I was late! 

Did I celebrate the fact I was wearing a size lower...maybe for a minute in my mind by myself! We went to dinner made bad choices there my defense I had no other choice we shared a pizza and had to have a beer....! 

I couldn't get home fast enough and take off the @#$!@#$! skinny jeans....I lasted 3.5 hours in them! Omg....! They are not ready for me yet....back in the corner they go! But this morning I thought to my size 16 wait a minute everybody knows 2 day jeans are the best....So those babies my see the light of day very soon!

So today is another day....refocus, make good choices and love the skin I'm in!

Not me!


  1. Kathy this is wonderful news!! CONGRATULATIONS I'm so HAPPY for YOU!!!! xo

  2. love this blog girl! i can really hear the excitement and commitment in your words! you are starting to see the reward for working hard at something that is really important for have that feeling of peace with your mind and will only get better...if you keep on keepin on! :)
    (i was a solid 14 two years ago...i am now a solid 10! you, i have a ton of things that i can wear now,and got rid of alllll my size 14's!!!)
    so happy for you!!

  3. Good for you what wonderful news. I hear you on the skinny jeans I have some 2 hour ones! I'm so happy for you.

  4. I remember the "lie on the bed- zip days!" I think every decade deserves some sort of skinny fashion...I hope there is one for skinny necks!
    Good for you....keep up the dedication!

  5. Just catching up with you on this new blog.... you and I are on the same journey this year. I had a "bad" year last year and let it catch up with me and it shows. I am so mad at myself....

    I feel your pain at hurrying home to get your jeans off. I have done that so many times!!

  6. hey, they fit! keep it up and reap the benefits of feeling better :)

  7. I just realized you have a second blog! I love it! Since we are trying to more healthy in our house in 2011, I will enjoy sharing your journey. I have never considered myself a healthy eater and giving up anything with processes sugar and flower is killing me!

    Charge on! Stay Strong!

  8. You go girl! Go and go. You'll get there. Love yourself all the way there. We all need a little reminder to do so :). Thanks for reminding me.

  9. i used to struggle with my weight..nothing big just always those last five pounds and i can totally relate to your post. but props for being able to fit into skinny jeans! i wear something called jeggings now. they are like jeans and leggings so much stretchier and forgiving. and they loosen after a few wears so it always feels good at the end of the week before a wash. keep it up! don't punish yourself for indulging once in a while. you need it to reset your metabolism anyway :)