Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Lets converse....

These puppies are my all time favorite......I know it's like eating chalk but I love them! So today I went to CVS saw them and their friends Valentine Peeps and Cinnamon Hearts just calling me, I resisted. Later visited Walmart and Target....with every turn I was staring at them...feeling weak! Omg....how I miss my friends....my sweet sweet friends just look them...what's not to love! Okay the sugar, empty calories, High fructose corn syrup......! It was hard but I made it home without a package of them and their friends too.  I think this journey is going to be hard....the temptations are everywhere! I'm not sure how strong I am and if I can hold the focus long enough to make it through the rough days!
How do you hold your focus to get to goal? I feel like I made it through little hurdles and stumble a little get up try again. When will I just get up and run never looking or thinking just do?


  1. But you did it, you made it home without a peep or a pocket full of hearts! I think you are doing great, but maybe not giving yourself credit my friend. The big thing is you are aware. Remember, the world wasn't created in a day. Love ya! xo

  2. For ages I have thought of my weight gain/loss as a switch that was on or off in my brain and in some ways that remains true. What I am finding this time - week 4 of Weight Watchers - AGAIN - is that the journey needs more of a spiritual componet to it. And taking it one day, one hour and sometimes it feels like one minute at a time!

  3. Can't believe I didn't see this post until now.....
    The longer you eat healthy and say no to temptation, the easier it gets! You did it and resisted, so give yourself credit...and keep in mind it is about moderation....no one is perfect all the time! :)
    if you can stop at just a couple bites/pieces of a trigger food, that's ok.....but! It is the stopping yourself from eating the "side of a house"....getting out of control, that can be the challenge!
    You are doing great....another thing I do to keep on track(esp. early on) was to get naked and look at my body...yikes! usually snapped me out of it! :)

  4. Hello Frau, yes I did shut down my blog, changed my mind and return;)

    Lately, I've been "munching" on gummy bears! Those look really colourful and yummy.

  5. It's so hard but I hope you're still resisting. I'm still hanging in the no sugar in my coffee and yes I still want it. It's so hard. I'm with you friend.

  6. It's hard, but I know you ca do it! I need to rediscipline myself about sugar too. Once I stop eating it I always feel better.