Friday, 7 January 2011

Do you play the numbers game?

Does it matter to you what's on the scale?
What about body fat?

Are you able to focus on how you feel and how your clothes fit?

I seem to be stuck getting out of the numbers game and focusing on feeling.
I had my body fat and BMI checked this week..holy crap if that wasn't a kick in the gut!
I feel amazing, I'm sleeping better my clothes look better...but
I keep hopping on this guy

And I feel defeated. My trainer keeps reminding me to stay off the scale, muscle weighs more than fat!
Yada,yada yada
All I can do is yell at the scale to move already! 

How to get out of the numbers game and focus on the skinny jeans?


  1. Put the scale away. I have that problem too. I weigh myself everyday and I has gotten me nowhere. I now have a deal where I will do 1x a week only. Maybe I will actually see results that way. Take it out of the bathroom. Out it in a box and tape it closed.

  2. The scale is not our enemy - if you weigh yourself regularly, along with work outs, you will eventually see progress! I finished 20 sessions with my trainer and feel great, sleep great and my clothes feel better. The mirror also is a friend.
    I know you can do this!
    I tried to leave a comment earlier....

  3. i would stay off the scale for a good month. then i would re-do my body fat index and weight at that time...then you will see some results..and instead of feeling defeated, and thinking WTF, I've been working my ass off and i GAINED 2 will see different numbers! and be more motivated to continue!
    i personally don't like to weigh myself...but at this point if i don't stay on top of it, i run the risk of gaining without realizing it until it is too late...i weigh myself the same time, mornings, about twice a week.
    there is a point in the process when you feel like nothing is happening and then suddenly things start to change! but it takes consistency! you are starting to feel the change in your clothes now...keep that momentum going! you can succeed!
    another thing...geez, i talk a lot!....practice positive self talk! pamper yourself, start loving your body now...and you will be amazed..

  4. If you are like me you have the curious cat within you, so it might be best to take the scale and lock it up.

  5. The scale isn't so helpful. Neither is popular culture, by the way. Most women just don't look like "that" without a lot of help (surgery, airbrushing, a chef, a trainer...) Take a good look at real women who you think have a great figure and see the squish, cellulite, stretch marks, and jigglyness. Whatevs!

    Love yourself. And love yourself enough to make healthy choices.

    Two things that keep me on track - seltzer (I used to drink a lot of juice but too much sugar and calories) and fudgecicles. They have a bit of crap in them but really satisfy my (wicked) sweet tooth.

    Good luck - one day at a time!