Tuesday, 4 January 2011


All I could think about was....

Cupcakes....Yup visions of Cupcakes danced in my head!! 

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  1. that's called withdrawal!! :)
    hang in there girl...if you are doing bootcamp 3 times a week you are going to have to up your caloric intake! ah, but not cupcakes! lots of protein...i have a protein shake after every workout...with my magic bullet...you gotta get one!

  2. Kathy I didn't know you started this blog or it could be the short memory lapse I'm having. Any account I stumbled over here because- I switched my address on my blog and wanted to see what happened- I remembered that you had my blog on blog list. Ah could memory be coming back?!

    OK back to your new blog. I think this blog is wonderful! Writing things down are important. I won't be able to walk/run by your side just yet, but I can be a good cheerleader!!

  3. Hi So happy to have found your new spot. Now we both have 2 spots in the space world! Best of luck on your 2011 journey! I'm pulling for you.

  4. Remember, "earn it" - so if you do an hour of cardio, then you can treat yourself...but perhaps the good endorphins will keepl those cupcake endorphins at bay. Funny, when we take on a challenge, so many temptations can be the devil. I know you can do it.